The Growth Engine of the SafePal Ecosystem

What is SFP

SFP is short for SafePal Token, a utility token that fuels the entire SafePal ecosystem. It is a decentralized digital asset issued on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, with a limited total supply of 500,000,000.

SFP Use Cases

Rewards & Incentives

SFP token holders have the privilege to enjoy incentives such as token airdrops from ecological partners, staking rewards, or limited SafePal NFTs. By staking SFP, users can also unlock additional benefits from the SafePal banking gateway.

Yield Boosting

SFP holders enjoy higher APY from SafePal Earn by staking SFP tokens into the pools.

Gas Station

Users may use the ‘Gas Station’ DApp within the wallet to exchange for gas fee tokens from different chains using SFP tokens.

List DApp/Token

Projects looking to list your token or DApp within the SafePal wallet can submit the listing request using SFP token.

How To Get SFP

View SFP on Marketplaces

SFP is listed on the most popular exchanges including Binance.

Buy SFP from PancakeSwap

You can easily get SFP from PancakeSwap, the largest DEX on the Binance Smart Chain.

Win SFP from Community Airdrops

Use SafePal products and join our community to participate in community airdrops and other incentives program.

Stay Safe With SafePal