Our mission is to empower everyone to own their crypto future.

Our purpose.

SafePal is a fast-growing team of developers, designers and security engineers striving to eliminate the hurdles for crypto beginners. We help people unlock their crypto potential and grow their wealth with confidence and ease.

Our story.

Although blockchain promises to cut out the middleman and boost security,crypto still has its gatekeepers: Long learning curves and clunky, expensive tools. Throw in the risk of getting hacked, and it's no wonder most people stick to fiat.

In 2018, Veronica Wong, a veteran in the tech industry, founded SafePal with two co-founders who shared her mission. Initially a hardware wallet, SafePal has since evolved to a complete suite of smart, secure crypto management solutions accessible for tech pros and non-geeks alike.

In only a handful of years, we've garnered the support of industry giants like Binance and risen from a humble (but ambitious) startup to a global enterprise bringing the freedom and power of crypto to millions – and we're just getting started.

Our core values.

At SafePal, our values aren’t lofty ideas. They’re a part of our daily lives.

At SafePal, we take solid steps towards the future.



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Our team.

SafePal is powered by a dedicated team of bold changemakers. Blending technical expertise with creative problem solving and a healthy dose of determination, we deliver solutions that challenge the status quo and transform people's lives.

Our HQ is in Singapore, but we’re a remote-first company with team members across four continents. We value diversity and believe our different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences make us stronger and more adaptable to a tech landscape that is constantly shifting.

We know our company's future depends on how we treat each other today, and we're playing the long game. We carry each other through difficult times, pause to celebrate our achievements,and improve ourselves side-by-side. At SafePal, passion is essential, and the moon is the limit.